Bandit's Puppy Profile
Name: Bandit Knotts
Age: 1 1/2 years
Birthday: Born ~ July 2002, adopted Labor Day 2002
Breed: Husky Mix, you be the judge :)
Favorite Hobbies:
•Dropping toys in full bathtub •Tug •Staring out office window
•Pouncing Mom and Dad •Running •Eating inedible objects
•Going "bye-bye"   •Watching Animal Planet
Favorite Toys:
•Glow Ball •Bones
•Tug Rope •Tennis Balls
Favorite Foods:
•Peanut Butter •Anythng Minty
•Pizza •Potato Chips
•Inedible Objects •Anything else he can steal when we aren't looking
Favorite Get Aways:
•Eagle Creek Dog Park •Petsmart - not the grooming room though!
•Three Dog Bakery  
Adoption Story:
Bandit became a part of our family whe he was about 5 weeks old. Someone had dumped a at carrier at the side of an intersection with Bandit and his seven brothers and sisters in it. Kris' dad and stepmom kept half of the litter at their house. After a day of paintball in Peru, I received avoicemail message from a giggling Kris asking if we could bring apuppy home. When I arrived to look at the puppies. Kris pointed out the pup he liked, Bandit. Apparently, Bandit won him over by tugging Marcus' sock.
Name Game:
Kris and I are both computer people who enjoy fantasy books, movies, an games. How did we come about naming our pup something so normal? We were going to adopt two puppies that day. The other pup reminded me of a dog I grew up around named Smokey, which I wanted to use as a name sake. So, as folks who remember the 70's and 80's, we were going to have "Smokey and the Bandit" - harharhar! On the drive back home. I came up with several geek worthy dog names - Aragor, Frodo, Oracle, Gigaflop, but Kris called him Banit for the hour drive home so the name stuck.